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A Passion for Property Development

Vicky's love of property comes from her parents, they moved multiple times whilst she was growing up and her parents have created some great homes. This has moved on into her own property journey and she is already in her fifth house, about to move on to her sixth!

In all the properties Vicky has owned she has either renovated large parts of them or re-designed the whole property to fit in with particular styles she likes at the time.

Vicky left her job in the waste and recycling sector in August 2018 and decided to turn her passion of property into a business. From that point, Vicky has educated herself as much as possible and enlisted a mentor who is an expert in property to help grow/develop the business.

Property Investment

VH Martin Ltd specialises in providing high quality homes, through renovating of existing property and new build developments.

With a background in recycling and sustainable solutions, it came naturally to Vicky to try and encompass this ethos when designing and developing property. A conscious effort is made to source materials and products based on their durability, sustainability and where possible recycled.

All properties are designed to provide comfortable, sustainable and quality living. The wellbeing of both our tenants and the environment is key to us!

Become an Investor - VH Martin Ltd are able to offer investors significantly better interest than the bank. Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming an Investor.

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