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Bespoke Waste Consultancy Services.

Vicky has worked in the waste and recycling industry for over 15 years, working in both small and large organisations. She then set up her own brokerage company in 2011, providing award winning solutions to blue chip organisations.

Being very passionate about what she does has helped her to achieve the success she has had with both the services offered to clients as well as her own business growth.

She has worked across many different sectors, specialising in retail and property management. Being part of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) for property management on waste & recycling, developing the frameworks and KPIs, was certainly a highlight.

Vicky has a passion for recycling as well as helping businesses achieve growth through working with their clients developing their path to success.

Our Purpose in

Business Consultancy

We want to help businesses improve their environmental credentials through recycling led strategies, provided through bespoke consultancy services.


Vicky has worked with many large blue chip organisations to implement waste strategies, and work with them to ensure that their goals are achieved.


VH Martin is able to offer bespoke services working with both waste producers and the waste management industry. Whether this be on developing a recycling strategy, providing education on waste and recycling or helping your business to grow.

Consultancy for
Waste Producers

Do you have a clearly defined strategy for how your business is going to improve on recycling and manage costs?


If not, then you may not be legally compliant and your costs could be out of control.

VH Martin are able to help with high level strategic guidance to on the ground support. We have won awards for the strategies we have put in place for businesses just like you, and we love nothing more than helping businesses in achieving excellence!

Waste & Recycling
Industry Consultancy

Do you want to branch out into other business areas or offer total waste management?


Through our experience and knowledge we are able to support in making changes to enhance your business.


Let us help and educate you with what tools you may need to do this.

Avara Foods

"Vicky is very knowledgeable and helped us to clarify our environmental objectives and identify key areas for improvement moving forward. She took the time getting to know our business from our farms to our factories to ensure that the objectives set out could be achieved... 


—  Matt Deane, Buyer

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VH Martin Ltd, 9 De Montfort Street, Leicester, LE1 7GE